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October 22nd, 2013
HKTV Denied Free-TV License

Hong Kong Electoral System Broken

Yesterday, I tried to vote (16 May, 2010) at my local polling station.

I had already completed, signed and faxed back my application to become an eligible voter which I found on Google to be around a week ago. A day or so before 16 May, 2010 - I received a letter which mentioned that I had become an eligible voter for a particular disctrict. However when I turned up at the polling station yesterday the local officials told me that I was not eligible and said that because this is a re-election only registered voters from 2009 could vote. I told them this is now 2010 and I am officially an eligible voter.

I tried to vote but couldn't - I wonder whether there are many others like me.

One Response to “Hong Kong Electoral System Broken”

  1. donald pk Says:

    When our own chief executive chooses not to vote we have no hope. Donald Tsang and Henry Tang are communists and have no intention to implement suffrage or even listen to the people.

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