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October 22nd, 2013
HKTV Denied Free-TV License

Smoking In Bars Continued

Along with smoking in bars being an erosion of our civil rights, the laws regulating smoking in bars are not being followed by the tobacco control office and smoking exemptions are being withdrawn at the whim of the officers rather than for actual infringements of the smoking exemption rules.

 I know of one bar that lost its smoking exemption because it served food.  The smoking ordinance states very clearly that a bar is only in violation of the law if it "PRIMARILY" serves food. 

This bar was never questioned about the percentage of food to alcohol sales, and during its hearing the management was told that it had broken the regulations by allowing a magazine to print an unauthorized note in a dining round-up saying food was available in the bar.

 If the government wants businesses to follow the law, it should follow it itself.

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  1. detritus Says:

    Surely there is not a court of appeal where this case can be taken?

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